sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2008

Amarelo + Magenta + Cião = "back to basic"?

“We’ve wanted to make a God record for quite some time,” says the Mae Shi’s Tim Byron about their spazz-pop masterpiece/Biblical opus HLLLYH. And besides taking a few liberties with the Good Book (think Kevin Smith’s Dogma made for the No Age set), the fourth release from the heretofore anarchic L.A. troupe is a “God record” in all the right ways. It’s overwhelming in scope and drama, a Biblical epic about the Apocalypse, told by the people it affects (skeptical Christians, dogmatic Christians, fear-mongers, atheists), the same way The Wire filters a drug tale through the eyes of policemen, mayors, hoppers and fiends. Four guys in adenoidal harmonies exhort joyful noise—“They’ve got reason to fear/God is very near/He’s got no room for your body/He’s got a place for your soul”—with a spirit as amazing and Technicolor as Joseph’s dreamcoat. Intense, infectious, spiritual, transcendent—so much like church that confused fans have typing angry MySpace messages to the Shi, accusing them of being closet Fundamentalists pushing a Nintendo-punk Chick tract. “We just think the stories in the Bible are really cool and we like to write songs about them,” explains Mae Shi’s Brad Breeck. “You don’t watch There Will Be Blood and think P.T. Anderson is a fundamentalist Christian because there’s a preacher in his movie.”

no sítio do costume
+ aqui

-para quê escrever, ou publicar tralhas minhas se há quem sinta, "cantando" por mim..
p.s. não gosto lá muito disto. mas hoje, estava mesmo a precisar de uma certa explosão e desarrumação sonora.
com cores vociferantes, mas ordenadas, à mistura... sim, afinal até gosto disto....-

... ainda assim... prefiro +estas cores.

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